We’ve probably all heard of people who are believed to have been possessed by entities. The possessed person will usually act differently to how he/she used to, he/she is suddenly seen differently to how he used to be in terms of behaviors. When someone is possessed you can’t help but say that “he/she has changed” even if his physical appearance hasn’t change a bit. This is because what truly identifies a person you know, is his/her behaviors.

That’s why even if you know this is “Peter” in front of you, but since he is now acting differently to his old behaviors, you can’t help but say he has changed. The possessed person looses his personal identity, in other words, he takes the entity identity. He starts to think, desire, and act like the entity. And because each entity or type of entity has its particular way of behaving, the esoteric person can tell which entity a person is possessed with and then use the appropriate remedy to get rid of it in case the entity is evil.

All entities are not necessarily bad. As one can also be possessed with good spiritual entities. From hyperactivity, insanity, and personality change, to addiction and uncontrolled rage, these are signs of a bad possession and for that one needs serious help. However from hyper creativity, artistic talent, to an over power of self control are signs of good possessions. But today in general, the word possession always take a bad meaning ( bad entity). Well it is human nature to become clairvoyant when things go wrong in their lives. I mean they somehow can see demons and blame demons when nothing works for them .

But when things are going fine, when they become talented, when they become more generous, wiser, they are no longer clairvoyant, they see no more, they become blind; they won’t see the angel behind their creativity, the spiritual being behind their inspiring words and actions which changed people’s lives. Because of that ignorance, we miss to thank those good invisible friends who come to help us and others.

I can still remember my Master used to ask me to say “thank you” for no reason sometimes , It made no sense at first, but later, it became clear to me in the sense that we are not always aware of what and when those good invisible beings have helped us.

So maybe we should learn to say thank you for no apparent reason too.

Love and light to you.

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