Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect.
This saying, has its true meaning in spirituality for me.
We know we are created in God’s image, and we know we and God can become alike. and that is another way of telling about our Goal on earth, to leave the image form and become God like form.

Changing from the image to resemblance is reaching perfection.
Change is the hardest thing to do. what we are trying to change here is our lower nature; this one does not bend easily, it resists and it’s like it always tries to remain what it is, so you will realized that every time you want to change something of nature, it is difficult, and seems almost impossible, because the lower nature fights against our good will. it loves itself and doesn’t want to losse what it has, what it is.

The process of changing our lower nature is Initiation.
And initiation is what all disciples of the past and present have to go through, during initiation the disciple learns how to deal with his/her lower nature, to bend it at will.
our lower nature being formed of the 4 elements, the disciple then train to bend his fire,water,air and earth elements of his inner world. the mastery of our 4 elements slowly brings us closer and closer to your higher nature, in other words to god resemblance.

How do you come to do this? is by practice.
practice do makes you perfect. we will only be able to change our self if we practice. The key in practice is in your every day little efforts, that’s how you get great power. not by a once off 12hours practice in one day.
15mins of meditation very day is better, than 24hours of meditation once every week.
Unfortunately practicing is not just about meditations and prayers, it’s also about how you live your life, what you think and fell about during your daily activities. How do you react to bad situations? to bad influences during the day? how do you strengthen your virtues? where do you see those opportunities during the day to develop your courage? your love? your intelligence? your wisdom, your will?

How long is required to change
Even non-spiritualist use this knowledge to perfect in a specific field. They practice everyday the same thing and in few months they start to see improvement, they keep on and they see themselves perfect on the matter. The lower nature is very stubborn, so make no mistake about it, changing the lower nature very very difficult, and it requires years of practice to see some improvement, but it takes centuries if practice means once every 3 months to you. That’s why if anyone come into spirituality hoping things will be easy, that he/she will just have to do some meditations or some yoga to completely change, he/she is mistaken.

Unless your goal is just to develop some super powers, that I do not deny you can get without not even spirituality, but still be careful if this is your only wish, you might regret to have developed even just one of them if you really spiritually poor, because let’s say you are now a clairvoyant, then what you see is not spiritual beings, but some evil forms of the nature, or let’s say you astral travel, well then you land in the worse evil places, you will simply live a life of fear; some have even prayed to get their power away from them. Powers is secondary in the journey back to God, I have to admit that getting them is not such a bad thing, I even encourage that, but only if we are living a spiritual life, then all those power are of great use, as you come to understand with your eyes what for example the astral world is, what the mental world, what a spiritual being is, you start to know spiritual things like you know physical things. Words becomes matter, you can see love as colors, as images, as something you can see, feel and touch… and then help others effectively.

But I do not mean to discourage any starters in spirituality, just some truth needs to be said, and this is among them all necessary to know from the beginning. The good news is that you will eventually succeed one day to become the resemblance of God inside you, no matter how long it takes, we will all get there, and THAT is what should give us hope. that one day, maybe not this live, maybe in the next lives, your lower nature will bend in the way to let the higher nature manifest.

The Diamond example.
If you are used to reading the nature, you probably have come across a chapter called Diamond, a stone that explains to us, that among stones, they are stones that are clean and clear inside that they react easily to the sun light. and that’s what the diamond does. Diamonds have gone through the initiation process, they have studies and practiced, they have worked on themselves throughout centuries underground ( difficulties). They have faced, fire,water, air, earth and they used all those environments to came out of it with a better shape. And now the rest of the stones are trying to do the same, Practicing daily. isn’t that wonderful? Smile

We should know by now, the only thing we should rely on is our practice.
Do not rely on masters and advanced disciples and not even on God to make you perfect , Only your practice will slowly set you free.

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