Nature can teach you how to resolve problems

Everyday we have a chance to learn something new if we pay attention. In nature is printed the wisdom, the knowledge we need to solve the puzzles of life. We are not some creatures who have been thrown in a distant area of the universe armed with nothing to help ourselves. We have the assistance of our mother nature. We know that meditations are ways to reach the higher plans to meet true wisdom and the original love, but what if we also knew that that wisdom and love we find up there in higher plans is painted right here on the walls of nature. We could resolve some of our daily issues.

Nobody is totally blind to the teachings of nature, most people are in just in a total ignorance state. They ignore the little details of everyday experience and draw no conclusions, they draw no important lessons out of anything. They would say "I see the sun rises every morning, so what? what conclusion is there to draw out of it" : .  "I know we sleep and wake up everyday, then what? what is there to draw as conclusion?" : . With such an attitude, it's obvious that  we cannot see the wisdom hidden behind nature. The common human do not realize that all they see and experience happen according to spiritual laws. The sun, the animals, the plants, the cells, the atoms... all thing just follow what the laws says. You may see the laws of nature as forces which push matter in a certain direction, and which even shapes the matter. Understand that for each spiritual law, there are thousands of objects obeying.

Astrology for example is an example of a written knowledge of nature on a paper. Astrology is very close to nature language because it is symbolic. Astrology shows the planetary rulers for example. Each sign and house in the zodiac is ruled by a planet. However in the sky there are no visible proofs that the Venus rules Libra. Who has seen Libra in the space anyway? : . So that's not where our research should be, or we would spend centuries and lives without an answer...

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