Would you call someone if you knew the person is not close enough to hear you? And above all, would you feel the necessity to call them if you knew they were not fit to help you with your request? You would surely answer NO, right?.  Then why think that when a person dies, he can now help his living family better. If so, then maybe we should make quick and die, so that from the invisible world we can help our friends and family who are here in the physical world. :) . That's suicide!  Our fellow dead humans are in a different dimension with its different rules. And what we call the higher spiritual beings or angelic beings in christian religion have their home in the invisible world. Then ask yourself, with their great virtues and power, why cannot they help us humans permanently? Because they are rules, certain laws in the way making this difficult.  Contact with the deads is possible just like it is possible to make contact with native invisible souls dwelling in the invisible world. The contact is easier with souls which are near the physical plane. And it is very difficult or at least it requires a certain mind frequency change to be able to contact the beings in higher planes ( meaning those dwelling in regions of the universe where vibrations are much much higher than ours). This is to say that help exists. There is help in higher regions. There is a reason for hope, there is a reason for praying. But at the same time, we should not omit the fact that this hope is more realistic to those who change their vibrations to resonate with the spiritual beings. What I am trying to say is that the real help we need is not close, it is higher. I am also trying to suggest to simply focus on evolving, becoming better and better in order to reach that help, in order to contact the right invisible beings.  It is a mistake to believe that dead people are all grouped in the same place in the invisib...

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