The forest and the palace can be seen as representation of regions of our inner being. The forest is our human subconsciousness and the palace is our supra consciousness. In the human subconsciousness lives lots of vices, bad habits, weakness . Those vices, weakness, bad habits are actually the inner wild animals. The jungle or huge forest we see in the outside world is also inside of us. And the palace (or Towns and cities) is also in us. All virtues, good habits of the soul like generosity, kindness, wisdom, truth, justice ... are beings of the inner palace. And all vices, bad habits of the soul like Lust,Greed,Anger,Arrogance,Attachment, Covetousness are beings of the inner forest ; Yes indeed, in your inner forest live the Shadripus like Indian spiritual gurus name them. We can even see the palace and the forest in a much bigger picture, as the whole universe. I mean as the material and spiritual world. In Hinduism you would see this as the purusha and the prakriti, or as the truth and Maya or the real and the unreal, the eternity and time, what doesn't change and what changes... A human being is made in the same structure as the universe, everything that exist in the outside universe is also found in us. That means a human being is a small universe. Everything, trees, animals, water, earth, fire, planets, galaxies, negative beings and positive beings also exist in us. The palace is the spiritual reality in us. When you think spiritual things, when you feel joy during your prayers, your meditations, when you read a beautiful holy script, or inspiring text, that joy feeling comes from your inner palace. The forest however is the material reality in us . When you happen to think negative things, when you feel angry, jealous, sexual, sad... that is coming from your inner forest. In your inner palace lives all educated, rich and powerful beings, there are in you as spiritual beings who manifest through your consciousness as positive tho...

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